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Our Travel Policies & Rates

Stage This Event
2018 Travel Policies & Compensation

Effective: January 1st, 2018 – December 31st, 2018

Travel Policies:

Stage This Event is an event and wedding planning firm based out of Central Pennsylvania but offers services nation-wide. ALL US States.  

At this time, Stage This Event does NOT offer services outside the United States but we would be more than happy to recommend a company in your wedding or event location at NO COST to you.

ALL travel accommodations MUST be book no later than 30 days out from client’s event and/or wedding. If travel is required and has not been agreed on and payment has not been made within 30 days from event date, Stage This Event may charge a security deposit of NO MORE than 50% of overall contracted amount.

Stage This Event utilizes the following means of transportation:

Airline Travel (Coach Class is Acceptable)
Rail Travel (Business Class Booking Only)
Motor Vehicle Travel (Company Transportation and/or Rental Services)

Stage This Event utilizes the following means of Accommodations:

Hotel Accommodations (2 Stars and above)
Motel Accommodation (3 Stars and above)
House/Apartment/Condo/Cabin Rentals (No Accommodation Sharing)

*Stage This Event will NOT accept and form of accommodation sharing outside of company employees. (This means we will not except accommodation within Group Homes, Hostels, Shelters, and/or private home sharing.)


Travel expenses will be billed when incurred, including pre-paid travel and will be due and payable within fifteen (15) days after Stage This Event provides Customer an invoice for the same. All travel and accommodation expenses MUST be PAID IN FULL before Stage This Event commutes to said clients event location.

Customer acknowledges that if, for whatever reason, Stage This Event feels there is any risk that it will be unable to collect any amounts due from Customer, Stage This Event may require Customer to provide security, in the form of a cash or credit card deposit, to secure Customer’s payment obligations before Stage This Event pre-pays for travel.

Stage This Event charges a government-issued Per Diem rate per day per event. These said rates are provided by the government and can be found at the following website URL:

Stage This Event Travel Rates:

Daily Travel Rate: $150.00
Daily Per Diem Rate: TBD

*Plus all expenses from transportation and accommodation reservations and/or bookings.

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Where We Are Located

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Stage This Event is a national event and wedding planning and design firm that has been awarded state and local awards.  

Columbia County, Pennsylvania